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Rockin' Green Classic Concentrate

Rockin' Green Classic Concentrate

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The Rockin' Green Classic Concentrate formula is great for people with "Goldie Locks" water - not too hard and not too soft. This is our Lavender Mint Revival - like walking through a field of lavender but with a Mint Julep in your hand (that's how we do things in the South) 

Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent is an eco-friendly way to get your whole family's clothes clean. It works hard on dirt and stains while being gentle to the environment and your budget. 

Contains NO: 

  • Enzymes 
  • Phosphates 
  • Optical Brighteners 
  • SLS 
  • Parabens 

All our ingredients are biodegradable - even the packaging is 100% recyclable! We are Vegan and Gluten friendly too! Are our scents gentle enough for sensitive skin? Of course, all our scents are made from distillations of natural essential oils - never artificial scents. 

Rockin' Green saves you money. Did you know that ONE BAG can do up to 90 loads? HE machine users need only 1 TBS of soap per load...that comes out to only about19¢ per load!

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