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About Us

Hippy Hearts came from the vision of two moms with a passion for offering safe, fun and natural options for mama's and their children. Our children are precious little treasures that deserve only the best. From the material that graces their bums to the toys they'll play with into toddlerhood and the plates they will eat off of as small children. We each had a vision to bring these things to not only our families but families across the nation. So we came together, passion and all, and brought this vision to life

Bri is a mother of two, one boy and one girl. When she became pregnant with her first child she immediately went on the search for all the latest and greatest baby gear. In her search she stumbled upon cloth diapers and knew she wanted to take that route. This opened her up to a whole new green and fluffy world. Once her son was born she had a strong urge to open a baby boutique of sorts since nothing in or near her hometown offered anything of the sort for this new passion of hers.

Tabatha is a mom to one sweet little girl. But before she ever became pregnant, she knew she would parent this sweet little baby in the most organic and natural way possible. This started with cloth diaper research. As she dove further and further into it, she found a love and addiction with more than just cloth diapering! She stumbled upon baby-wearing, teething necklaces, recycled toys and more! Right then and there a new love was born. Finally she became pregnant with sweet Ella and was able to put those addictions to good use. She found this great passion for life in its most pure of form.

Through this loving community Bri and Tabatha met, and it seemed like destiny. They both found the same love and passion and so it only seemed right to form this unbreakable partnership.

And so…Hippy Hearts was born.